Goodbye to my bad neighbor


I am staying in a rented house. But my neighbor is creating problem for me in all the ways and also he is drinker.

How to resolve the issue to send him out of my area without creating problem now and future also? My owner is not cooperating also.


Chant daily, “I thank the divine for keeping … away from me”.

Do the forgiving exercise. I Soma forgive you…. (name of that person). You please forgive me and release me”.

Do this forgiving continuously whenever you feel angry or frustrated.


Thank you for your divine message.

I followed as per your suggestion. Finally, he himself vacated. It is miraculous for me.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Gurju ji ,

    can I use this forgive exerciser behalf of my parents?? will it work ?? this for a good cause only.
    My cousin is treating my parents and brother very badly and last week he split ed on my parents face and went and spoke with them very badly, from that day my parents are not able take their food properly. We are unable to help us we can only pray for them.

    i want my cousin to be away from him.

    Please guide me.

  2. Pls confirm if any family member is not letting u live peacefully a min.inspite of doing forgiving exercise cn this daily saying to divine work

  3. just wish to share…some weeks ago, in a bus that wasn’t too crowded a man was talking very loudly on cell phone and it was irritating and troubling me as he showed no signs of stopping even till long. i started chanting change divine order thinking maybe he will get off or finish conversation. What hapnd next is soon another man got in, sat next to him and he started taking even louder on his phone! It was very funny, the first man was now horrified and finally finished his talk. Luckily the second man had a loud but short conversation and i was laughing internaly till i rchd my universe answers but not always how we think.

  4. Gr8 learning. Pls confirm if group chanting has more power than individual chanting. I mean if i want to chant for our country will it be effective

  5. I am also having same problem.. Due to one of my such neighbor I have vacated one house and came to reside somewhere else.. Now the hectic thing is.. She has bought a house exact next to my house.. And started again bothering ND harassing me.. I also feel irritated with her.. I don’t know why.. My. Peace of mind is lost.. 24 hrs.. Her thoughts keeps going in my mind.. She is relative of the chairman of society so.. The chairman and she.. Both unnecessarily keeps irritating us.. What to.. M tired of now.. Don’t know where to go.. Wherever I go I find same typical type neighbors.. May be due to my past Karmas.. But m not able to live a peaceful life

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