Cookers like mother-in-laws more

This was discussed in the class, “Mind-Body DEMYSTIFIED Part II”, Oct 19th, 2013

Read the first part of the story here:


I am about to narrate one more story about Girija.

Girija’s daughter-in-law decided to throw the rice cooker away as she found the lid of the cooker is not closing down properly.

Girija heard the rice cooker saying, “You people are not at all grateful to the services rendered by me for the last 15 years – especially your daughter-in-law. I bet you if you use me again, I will work alright without giving any issues. However, I will not respond to your daughter-in-law in the same way, as she has no consideration”.

Girija wanted to try that. She tried to use the cooker once again and did it successfully.

Now, she wanted to see whether her daughter-in-law could repeat the act successfully. However, to her surprise, the daughter-in-law couldn’t close the rice cooker lid properly.

You mayn’t believe this story. Wait until tomorrow, to find out how three river gods saved Girija from devastating floods that happened in Uttarakhand on June 14th, 2013.

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  1. I really like both stories of Girija,my little daughter also talks to objects,sun,moon,rain,flowers,pigeons,Ganpati..and even to her body parts..
    Today doctor cut her she was telling to her left hand,hey left hand pls take care of right hand(as there is pain in her right hand after cutting the plaster).When I told her that we have to teach right hand to eat,how to write.,she was encouraging her right can do it..
    And I m learning many things from my daughter.

    thank you..

  2. it is not that cookers like MILs!….just anyone who loves them…. like m’s daughter in this comment! Love heals. I talk to all inanimate objects…in popular culture esp the movie herbie series shows this too..our ancient indian tales speak of this extensively.

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