Guard yourself against evil forces

My husband’s mother gifted her house to my husband (we have all legal papers).it’s almost 6 yrs back. My husband’s elder brother has no problem with that and they have good relation with us.

But, suddenly my husband’s elder sister claims share for it (we have given her what my mother-in-law has written for her). We have meeting at corporation on 8th. Plz suggest any SW so that we can easily come out of this situation.



I have chanted it and that day went peacefully. even officers talked to us very politely. But now my sister-in-law is trying to harass us in other ways. She is a dangerous lady such that she can even do black magic on us.

Please sir give us a strong SW so that she can’t do anything on us to get share of the house (we can’t afford any court expenditure) and also don’t do any evil against us. We have a 5-yrs-old kid and so I’m scared of all this.



GUARD: to protect; to defend

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Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Naran:
    I want to tell you and firstly thank you by your help because in your website. I’ve learning a lot from your information about spirite guide animals,I always ask to wolf Spirite for protection and help for my sons.this afternoon I got nervous because I felt a danger with my youngest child was out of house..and efectivily a man wanted stole him with a gun. My son told me that suddenly a man asked to the thief that left my son and he did it..I really know that was the protection from The Great Spirit of God that always let Spirite Guide Wolf to be next to or behind my sons taking carevof them..

    also daily do below exercise for ur son

    Call St. Michael the arch angel and say “Please keep your blue flaming sword around him and allow divine light and love only to enter”. Do it three times.
    “Violet flame! Give umbrella protection to my son wherever he is”. Do this prayer once

    • Dear V:
      Thanks by your answer and support,Thanks all Naran helpers! God bless you all!!van sorry by my mistakes in writting sometimes are from my cell phone..thanks a lot!

  3. R:

  4. angie naran sir is great & so are his students……..i daily say this prayer for my son & he is blessed by Naran sir

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