Affected by Vastu Doshas


Searching/building house with all Vastu measures is not affordable to all. We are easily affected by Vastu Doshas by stocking water. Please suggest remedies to get rid of Vastu Doshas.


How do you know that you are affected by Vastu Dosha?

What is your problem and in which area of life?  Don’t confuse yourself with Vastu astrology etc. Daily thank your house.

If somebody always says to you, “You are not good. You are very bad” will you tolerate it?

Why do you criticize your house? Thank the house daily.  It will rectify the Dosha in your mind.

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About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Is there any mantra that will develop deep gratitude for everything that I have?I always say thank you.. but don’t know I really mean it always..
    I know I have to practice it daily..

  2. I m so desperate to release my excess weight which I got after delivery.I did so many things,exercising,dieting,fire mudra,taking bach flower remedy etc…I didn’t get I stop all things,may be I want quick result.
    Before marriage I was so slim…

    My sleeping pattern is not also good.See It’s midnight now …I m reading blogs..,listening cds,doing meditations,writing affirmations,chanting etc.
    And In a day,I will do all my other duties,helping my husband in his business,helping my daughter etc..

    Now I want to surrender …I don’t want to struggle with my weight…but really I can’t able to accept my current weight.
    Pls suggest me what to do…

  3. Dear Naran, How to rid of reoccurring trespassers on my property. They are scaring and intimidating my guests and are disrespectful of my space. Thank you in advance for your reply as always.

    • Until Naran answers, some food for thought.

      In one class, he said, ask Rock Rose to protect our land from any land grabbers.

      The person who intimidate is Vine. The opposite person who is scared is in Mimulus state and can get panicky, so Rock Rose.

      Rock water (against physical assault) A student of Naran was threatened by bad elements sent by her stepfather was asked to chant Rock Water while they were trying to break her front-door. They left without hurting her.

      A leading lawyer in Chennai is a typical Rock Water person – a man based on principles and an honest person. He was fighting for people against the government. There were threatening calls. He was wondering, what if something happens to him. Therefore, Naran asked him to take Rock Water and Vine. From then, there were no threatening gestures and he won the case too.

      Chestnut Bud is the opposite person of Rock Water.

      From a future blog: “ROCK WATER, ROCK ROSE, VINE, CHESTNUT BUD”. These are remedies to handle hooligans.

      Good Luck

      • Sir,
        please write a post on thief and burgler. recently thief have broken into my home and stole my valuables. how to PROTECT our home from thief? (i have paste rockwater and chestnut bud on my windows and doors) what more can we do?

        also i have a fear in me since that incident. every small noise upset me and i am afraid to stay alone in my home.

      • Many thanks for your kinda and detailed assistance. I will try.

  4. Naran sir so simple method to remove vastu dosha……..

  5. Naran sir, is there any remedy to neutralise or disarm Geopathic sress in a house?
    Kindly help!

  6. Naran sir i am waiting for ur reply on neutralising Geopathic stress in home.pleez suggest some swichwords

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